Wales Needs Politics of Communities, not Committees – Leanne Wood MS - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Wales Needs Politics of Communities, not Committees – Leanne Wood MS


In her speech to Plaid Cymru’s first virtual annual conference, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Justice and Equalities, Leanne Wood MS, will say that the covid-19 pandemic has shown the “power of communities.”

On the second day of the party’s conference, Ms Wood will highlight the need to shift the focus of our politics away from “meetings, committees, spun election leaflets and stale debates” and towards “grass roots community work”.

The Rhondda Member of the Senedd will highlight how the damaging effects of covid-19 have exposed the weaknesses of our economic and political systems following twelve years of austerity and that beyond the pandemic, both the Welsh and UK governments must commit to greater investment in communities across Wales.

During her conference speech, Leanne will say: “While Covid-19 has caused political, economic and social chaos; exposed the weaknesses of twelve years of austerity and highlighted that the people we all depend on most are those who are often on the lowest wages and working the longest hours.

“It has also shown us, once again, the power of community.”

She will go on to say: “The politics of meetings, committees, spun election leaflets and stale debates was already losing its legitimacy in most people’s eyes before we were hit by this storm, despite many of these areas of politics being practically necessary.

“Times of crises can be times that sweep away the old ways and bring in the new, and if we are looking for a silver lining in all this disruption, it just might be that it has shown us where our priorities should lie: on the streets, with the communities we serve.”

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