An empowered nation. An empowered people. - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

An empowered nation. An empowered people.


I have today resubmitted my nomination to lead Plaid Cymru.

In line with our democratic principles, I am required to table my nomination to lead the Party of Wales every two years. This ensures that Plaid Cymru is always led by our membership. 

As Leader, I have one overriding objective – to lead a Plaid Cymru government that begins our nation’s journey to independence, so that we can realise our potential as a country.

Westminster never has and never will deliver the solutions Wales needs. I believe there is a better way. 

As Leader of the Party of Wales I will deliver a programme for an empowered nation and an empowered people – for a future based on equality, dignity and opportunity for all.

Inspired with a vision for a better future, we can build a nation shaped by its citizens. Giving hope and opportunity to those who have been denied it for so long.

Together, we will deliver an empowered people and nation, ready to take our future into our own hands.

Pledges on re-election

  • A Plaid Cymru Government in 2021 – I will seek to lead Plaid Cymru into the 2021 election and form a Welsh Government that will deliver for the people of Wales. I will not do a deal with any party that stands opposed to our principles, values and policies.
  • Deliver a pathway to Real Independence – I will set up a members-led forum to look at how we end our social, political and economic dependence on Westminster.
  • Commission a full review of our energy policies – a full appraisal of the effects that Wylfa B and Hinckley Point could have on the communities and economy of Ynys Môn and Gwynedd and the south east. Special attention will be paid to potential damage that nuclear development could cause to health, the Welsh language as well as our natural environment and overstretched infrastructure.
  • Ensure that the roles of women and marginalised groups are expanded in the party – I will make sure our politics and elected representatives can properly reflect the diversity which makes up Welsh communities. Plaid Cymru believes we are all united in one Wales and our selection processes should reflect that. 
  • Reaffirm our European credentials – Continue to push the case for Wales to have an open and job-protecting relationship with our European neighbours and to bring back the powers from Westminster that were recently ‘grabbed’ as part of the Brexit process.

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