Leanne Hails ‘People Power’ After Labour U-Turn on A-Level Results - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Leanne Hails ‘People Power’ After Labour U-Turn on A-Level Results


The Member of the Senedd for the Rhondda has welcomed the U-turn on A-Level and GCSE grades in Wales.

Leanne Wood said “justice has prevailed” after the Labour Government bowed to overwhelming pressure over the last few days as anger grew over the discredited algorithm system used to determine pupils’ grades.

Earlier in the day, Ms Wood published an open letter addressed to the First Minister and Education Minister which said: ‘We will not accept that working class students from the Rhondda should experience such blatant discrimination from an education system that should be helping them to tackle those class barriers.

‘It is clear that across the UK the algorithms determining these results cannot be trusted. We can trust the teachers and the integrity of the process for arriving at the centre assessed grades. In Scotland this was recognised and rectified swiftly.

‘We therefore demand that those students who have seen their grades drop should have them immediately reverted back to the centre assessed grades.

‘Welsh students are losing out on university places now, so we urge you to act without delay.’

After the news broke, Leanne said: “I pleased for all the A-Level pupils who have gone through turmoil since the results were announced last Thursday. I am pleased for their teachers too, whose integrity came under question with the algorithm.  This is also good news for the GCSE students who have now been spared this anguish. So many pupils had downgraded results not because of anything they had done but because of where they lived.

“This was unfair and an untenable situation for any government – Tory or Labour – to defend. “Justice has prevailed but this system should never have been used in the first place and the U-turn could have come much quicker when it became clear that the algorithm was responsible for so many injustices. I only hope that this change of mind is not too late for many students who may have lost out on places on courses since Thursday.”

Leanne added: “I want to pay tribute to everyone who got involved in protesting against the results. There is no doubt in my mind that this reversal would not have come without the demonstration of such strong opposition and strength of feeling. People power is still a potent force to be reckoned with and we should never forget that.”

If you want to support Leanne and Plaid Cymru, please click this link to get involved.

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