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New Year Resolutions

Plaid Cymru to make Wales ‘wealthier and healthier’

As we enter 2016 and as voters across Wales plan their New Year’s resolutions, I have written an article (that you can read below) setting out why I believe Wales needed a new direction, clear goals and strong leadership and reveal my resolutions for the our country.

As voters across Wales plan their New Year’s resolutions, the Plaid leader said that Wales needed a new direction, clear goals and strong leadership and revealed her resolutions for the nation.

Ms Wood said that as First Minister her government would focus all its resources in meeting ten ambitious national objectives towards creating a more successful and fairer Wales. This would be in stark contrast to the current tired Labour Welsh government which appears to aimlessly leap from one crisis to the next.

In government, the party’s priority will be to close Wales’ attainment gap with the rest of the UK and represents the level of ambition that is expected of a government in a young, modern democracy.

The work towards achieving these objectives will be led Leanne Wood and a strong First Minister’s department which will co-ordinate the strategic direction of government and bring an end to the current silo mentality of government departments which has dominated almost 17 years of Labour control.

Plaid Cymru’s National Objectives for Wales are:

1. Make Wales the most attractive place in the UK to do business and build a global reputation as a centre for research and innovation

2. Our young people will be successful learners, highly skilled and responsible citizens.

3. Wales’ economy will be more balanced and diverse and our public finances will be stronger.

4. People in Wales will live longer, healthier lives supported by an ever-improving, more responsive NHS.

5. Older people will maintain their independence and dignity as they get older and will receive support when they need it.

6. Communities in every part of Wales will be sustainable, well-connected and individuals will have access to key amenities and services in their area.

7. Our agricultural sector will be renewed for the new economy, for our communities and our national character.

8. Our natural environment will be protected and secured for future generations.

9. More people will be able to use and speak the Welsh language

10. Wales’ national identity will be renewed and strengthen as an inclusive, progressive bond for the common good.

Unveiling her party’s National Objectives for Wales, Leanne Wood said:

“The legacy of the last decade and half of Labour’s rule in Wales has resulted in our country finishing at the wrong end of league tables, be it in health, education or prosperity.

“A Plaid Cymru government elected in May this year will focus its efforts on the ten National Objectives we’re unveiling today. We have a set of priorities to make Wales healthier and wealthier and reverse the managed decline of our services and economy.

“As election day approaches we’ll be announcing a number of innovative measures to achieve these national objectives that will close the gap between Wales and the UK when it comes to outcomes for jobs and wages, schools and universities and hospitals and care.

“Our programme for government will include key indicators to measure our success in achieving the National Objectives so people there will be full transparency on our progress. But most importantly, a Plaid Cymru government will have a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of everyone who lives in Wales.

“A better course for our nation is possible. It starts with the change Wales needs in government on 6th May this year.”

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