Open Penygraig Paddling Pool

It's terrible that the residents of the Rhondda have to travel all the way to Pontypridd if the children are to have any free fun in the water, not everybody can afford to travel to Pontypridd. Unfortunately the council have refused point blank to open any Paddling Pool in RCT, including the one in Penygraig. 

Having held several public meetings, a team has come together under the chairmanship of local resident Josh Davies to make the dream of re-opening the paddling pool in Penygraig a reality next Summer. They have now secured charity status for Friends of Penygraig Park, and have started writing applications for funding. 

If you would like to get involved then please either fill in the on-line form (follow the link below) or you can pick up a volunteering form from many of Penygraig's local businesses. 



Apart from travelling to the Lido in Pontypridd there is no longer any free water play here in the Rhondda. Before the council closed them, the paddling pools were enjoyed by the people throughout the Rhondda for generations.

To give children something to do - and to keep the costs of entertaining the family down during the long summer break - we want the paddling pools up and running. 

There is a dedicated team of people working very hard to make the dream of opening the paddling pool in Penygraig a reality. The business plan has been submitted to the council and will be discussed in the new year, and the application to the Charity Commission to register 'Friends of Penygraig Park / Ffrindiau Parc Penygraig' as a registered charity has been successful. 

The local schools are all on-board, with the children being very vocal in their support for the plan to re-open the pool. There is a competition running at the moment to find the logo for the Friends of Penygraig Park, and so, early in the new year we will  have a logo which will be painted on the bottom of the paddling pool. The children are also helping to design posters to raise awareness of littering and dog fouling. 

Local businesses are being urged to lend their support, with many already signed up to help with fundraising, and practical issues like grass cutting. 

Fundraing events will kick off with a 'coffee and cake' morning early in the new year, and there are many events planned in the run up to the summer, which is when we will need our growing team of volunteers to come out and help us get the pool ready to be used again. 

All the latest news will be put up on their Facebook page (Friends of Penygraig Park) and on their Twitter page @PenygraigPark

Please join the team of volunteers that are working to make that dream a reality. Sign up below.

Can you help? We will need people with all sorts of skills to help during the coming months.  Please sign up to volunteer


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