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Take Action Now to Tackle Financial Arrears, Leanne Urges


Rhondda AM Leanne Wood has backed calls for family and friends to spot the signs of problem debt after figures reveal RCT has the second highest number of people with money problems in Wales.

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An Open Letter to Everyone Opposed to a Conservative / DUP ‘Regressive Alliance’


Plaid Cymru warned during the election of the dangers of a Tory government with an increased mandate. An inept Conservative campaign saw Theresa May snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and lose her precious ‘mandate’. We now face the prospect of a regressive Conservative Prime Minister backed by the even more out-of-touch Democratic Unionist Party, which is seeking to drag us back to the dark ages.

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Leanne Backs Autism Bill for Wales


Rhondda AM Leanne Wood has backed a bill that would promise to deliver greater protection for families living with autism, their families and their carers.

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